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Executing successfull campaigns require a fundamental understanding of HOW PEOPLE THINK in an A.D.D, "Smart Phone Society". It demands a true passion for design, emotional intelligence about human decision making, and knowing how to captivate someone's attention... before they click.

Why work with me?

100 Clients, 500+ projects and over 2 decades of design and development collaboration, worldwide!

I’ve had the unique privilege of working with major media brands, technology, and medical companies over the past 20 Years. The sum of which yielded in-depth, hands-on experience in brand development, experience design, infographic and presentation design, platform architecture, digital marketing, growth hacking, responsive web development, and unique SEO strategies that turn ideas into profitable, successful, results.

Today I focus on designing and developing digital experiences for individuals and businesses who want to improve brand awareness, reduce overhead, and increase revenue.

I make it my absolute goal to keep you in the loop with task-oriented, effective communication. My clients and team are part of an on-going conversation focused on delivering results... on budget, and on time. Contact me below to start collaborating on your next project!

Andre J Cook


My Recent Work


Projects Completed

The number of successfull design and development projects completed since 1998.


Clients Supported

Clients and brands I worked with over the past 20 years, as an employee and design consultant.

Interactive / Experience design


Presentation and Infographic


3D and Motion


Brand ID and Print design


Augmented and Virtual Reality



Design Studies

Fractal Canyon - 3D Design

Abstract virtual landscape created for VR demo. The final design was accomplished via generative 3D design using particle system vector math in 3ds Max.

FlightScope Golf - Platform Design

A cloud based platform for golfers to manage online profiles with swing data. The goal: To build an online golf comunity where players and pro teachers can connect.

Color Contours - Generative Art

HD Wallpaper design project for Android and iOS phones. The goal was to deliver a series of unique images users could download when they opted into the site newsletter.

Product Design - AO13 Whiskey

Brand and product design for AO13. A new Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. Project required a new logo, bottle design, bottle artwork and website landing pages for marketing.


My Retainer Fees

Projects that require long term commitments with retainers can be reduced by up to 15% with up front milestone payments.

Graphic Design

$ 80 /hour

Based on length of contract

  • Brand ID and Logo Design
  • Print and Layout
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Infographic or Illustration
  • Advertising Design

Interactive Design

$ 100 /hour

Based on length of contract

  • Web Page and App Design
  • Experience Design (UI/UX)
  •  Wireframe Storyboard Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Includes Responsive Design

Motion and Video

$ 120 /hour

Based on length of contract

  • 3D Modelling / Animation
  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Generative Particle Effects
  • Broadcast Graphic Design
  • Includes all Motion Design

All rates above assume projects are short term (less than 30 days).
 Final fees are negotiable once I have a better understanding on your project.


My Clients





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